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Q: Why Celebhowtall.Com?
A: Celebhowtall.Com tries to document what celebrities claim to be and offers our own guess on their stature. It's an entertainment site allows you to compare your height with other celebrities heights .

Q:How Tall is the Admin ?

A: My height is : 180 cm = 5 ft 11 in

Q: I am a star. My height is listed wrong, can you change it?

A: A handful of celebrities have submitted their height, or asked to change a listing, which I of course will consider...Any communication is treated in confidence. Contact us

Q: How can I help CelebHowtall.com?
A: If you enjoy the site and want to help, keep an eye out for any celebrity who mentions their height and tell us about it. Help spread the word about Celebhowtall.com by mentioning the site to others in person, on your facebook/twitter/blog or site. And keep visiting :) Without visitors, the site wouldn't exist, so thanks to you and I hope you get a little enjoyment from the site.
You can find Celebhowtall.com on facebook! .
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